A free teaser chapter is now available for my book Data Driven Services with Silverlight 2. The free chapter, Chapter 8 – Consuming Amazon’s RESTful Services with Silverlight 2, is in the PDF book2format and includes the rough Table of Contents along with the free chapter. You can download the C# code for this chapter from my site right here (No worries, I will have C# and VB code available for the book when it releases).


This sample chapter builds on several topics from the previous chapters to build a nice Amazon shopping cart example that allows you to shop on Amazon and build a shopping cart. You could modify this easily to add the link to make the purchase at Amazon too. One important note … if you try to run the code, you will need an Amazon key since they require one to use their services and build a shopping cart. Its free and pretty easy to set up. I talk about this in the chapter, too.

I hope you like it!