In case you missed it, the NY Giants lost Osi Umenyiora for the rest of the season due to a tear in his knee. Osi is a phenomenal player who requires double teaming by the opposing team’s OL. This is a huge advantage for any team to have guy on the DL that can occupy 2 people. WIth Osi and Strahan last year bookending the DL, the Giants did something special. You may have heard about it … they won the Super Bowl against an undefeated (at the time) Patriots team.

So is it a big deal that they lost Strahan to retirement and Osi to an injury? They do have Justin Tuck, who is a force himself. And Kiwanuka is slated to slide into Osi’s spot on the line. While I love what both of these guys bring in terms of a pass rush, it certainly is a much lesser threat than having those 2 guys and Osi on the field at the same time. The depth was there so they could cover this type of problem for starters, but having Kiwi slide back to a 3rd DL (like Tuck did last year) and be used as a OLB while having Strahan and Tuck on the field would be a much more fearsome threat to opposing offenses.

So it is obvious that Strahan would make them a better defense, the question is while they Giants pull the trigger and will Strahan come back?  The Giants are talking to Strahan but no reports have been confirmed on what was said yet. If he does come back he will need some time to get in playing shape. He lost 10 lbs in the offseason and looks to be in shape, but football shape is is much different than reporting for Fox news. I don’t think anyone worries though about Strahan being able to get ready quickly if he really wants to, especially since he skipped the entire preseason last year. So can he be ready? Absolutely.

Hoo much will it cost? Nobody really knows yet but the numbers he was looking for before retirement were around $8 million. The Giants were slated to pay him $4 million this year before he retired. Is it worth the $8 million? Absolutely. Its not out of the question for a top pas rusher, especially a future HOF’er near the top of his game, to get that type of money. A 1 year deal is very low risk for the Giants and he is a huge improvement over anyone else. Now before you say don’t disrespect Kiwi, don;t worry I do not intend to. I have a lot of respect for Kiwi, but he will be on the field either way. The dropoff is from Osi to Gerris WIlkerson, for example, since Kiwi slides out of OLB someone has to fill his spot. So Strahan is a big improvement. Period. Is the money worth it? The Giants want to send a message that they can repeat. The best way to do that is to go get Strahan and put the best team on the field possible. And with all the bad PR the Giants are getting over their new personal seat license (PSL) it would go a long way to mending the relationship between the office and the fans to tell them the money is being spent well.

What if Strahan says no? Some might hold it against him but I think that is garbage. The guy played for the Giants for his whole career and did a fantastic job. He dominated at his position in both the run game and in passing downs. If he decides to stay as at Fox News, then that is his decision. He has a lucrative new career that does not require him to get beat up every week. He put in his time and helped win a Super Bowl. As far as I am concerned, the ball is in his court.

Will the Giants be OK with Strahan? yes, I think they wil. But injuries can devastate a team. If Kiwi or Tuck goes down, now your depth is gone. Here is to hoping Strahan comes back.

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