Ironically, I had a problem with WCF configuration last night and found myself googling for answers. It turns out my problem was quite simply resolved once I realized I forgot to put my app.config in the bin folder of my multi layered application, but in the process I ran across some good posts by Sahil.

My friend Sahil Malik has been posting a series of posts on WCF recently. Here is a nice hello world post that demonstrates how to create a simple WCF application and run it using VS.NET to self host the services and test it. Its a nice post because it cuts out all of the garbage that often accompanies any discussion on WCF.

Sahil also addresses the basics of WCF in this post. its a good read for those diving in. He also has a post that discusses how to create a WCF client and another post that demonstrates how to host WCF services in IIS.

Why do I like these posts? Because Sahil, as usual, takes what can be a complicated topic and breaks it down into some basic areas to focus on.

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