This Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, thanks to the good people of INETA, I will be presenting ADO.NET Data Service and Silverlight at the Space Coast .NET User Group in Melbourne, Florida. I really enjoyed the group last year when I spoke about the Entity Framework. If you are in the area, drop by … I’ll also be giving away some copies of my Silverlight book too.


ADO.NET Data Services (codenamed Astoria) exposes entity models through RESTful services. It can dramatically simplify the code required to expose business objects through web services and reduce a tremendous amount of code. This session will show how to expose entity models using ADO.NET Data Services, how to consume and save data, and how to debug the communications using various tools. When the technology does not quite do what you need out of the box, it also allows for customizations to create custom service operations, intercept queries, and enforce permissions. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the capabilities of ADO.NET Data Services, how to use them with Silverlight, and when and where it is ideal to use in an application architecture and when there are better options.

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