Here is a very funny post that my friend Dustin showed me today about how Hollywood and the movies portray “coders” at this link .

Many of these hit home with me as I was reminded of watching movies like Hackers, Matrix, War Games, and others with my friends and family. The fact that my family has no idea what I do has never helped matters.

I love the part in this post where he references the scrolling code on the screen. Is your code green text on a black background? Is your code all indecipherable 1’s and 0’s without any whitespace whatsoever? Does your code move at the speed of light while making blip sounds? Well, mine doesn’t either. Can you hack into a government facility and decrypt some of the most complex encryption algorithms in existence in under 5 seconds? Well, I can’t either. But it makes for great film!

“Just give me 5 seconds to backdoor into the CIA’s system and find out where Bin Laden is being held (scrolling green 1’s and 0’s flying by and beeping) … there … I got it!”

But at least our profession is portrayed in Hollywood … so we must be important J