I am notorious for letting my thoughts get ahead of my typing. I’ll start typing something and the words will come flying out. usually I’ll start typing the next word before I finish with the previous word. That usually results in sentences like this:

Al lo fth ecoo lkid sus eSilverlight.

Translation == All of the cool kids use Silverlight.

Sometimes I will type several sentences without realizing it. The worst part is that I actually look at the screen while I type, so I am typing it wrong, seeing that it is wrong, yet it does not register that it is wrong until the entire thought is “on paper”.

Well, I discovered another bad side effect of this tick of mine. I seem to want to try to spell Silverlight in as many variations as possible. I’ll type Silverlight mostly, then I will throw in a few of Sivlerlight’s and Sliverlight’s. It is frustrating … maybe I just can’t figure out where to put the L.

OK, so now that one of my awkward behaviors is now publicly on display, perhaps I can finally kick these horrible habits. Sometimes the best way to stop from doing something is to raise your awareness to it, put it on center stage and be done with it. So I am giving myself notice, as of this moment I wil lneve rmispel la wor dtha tbadl yagain!

Darn it!