I am happy to announce that I am joining ASPSOFT (aka the haven of the angrycoder, Jonathon Goodyear). I ran across Jonathon somewhat by accident when I was exploring the job market in southwest Florida, we started talking and after a few weeks I was on board with ASPSOFT. (It's funny that Jonathon and I have never actually met before since we often present at the same conferences.)

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A special thanks to David Hayden, J. Ambrose Little and everyone else who had the patience and the kindness to help me in my search. And of course, thanks to Jonathon for asking me to be a part of his team.

I look forward to starting in May and working with Jonathon, Ambrose and the ASPSOFT crew. Of course I'll still be blogging here with the crew of codebetter.com and writing for MSDN Magazine and other publications.