I am building a Twitter client using Silverlight and a Twitter API service I pulled together using REST services. Its nothing fancy by any means, but it got me thinking “hey John, this would be a great addition to your Silverlight book”. So I decided to put it in my Data Services and Silverlight 2 book when I discuss REST services. Problem is that I already talk about other REST services, like Amazon, so I need to make sure I do not get carried away with the services and instead I focus on how to interact with them.

The Twitter client likely won’t encompass everything I want it to due to time constraints for the book, but it will be a good starting point. However I will continue to work on it and distribute it via something like CodePlex to whomever is interested once I get it in good shape. Eventually I will likely turn it into a WPF application so it can sit on the desktop. But I will also keep a Silverlight version so it can exist in a web page amongst other cool stuff.

So if you were looking for a Twitter client, what would it include? I definitely want a searching feature, basic tweet replies, direct messages, etc. Anything else?

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