So I am playing around with the Telerik controls, the LINQ preview and C# 3.0 code, some demos I am creating for the upcoming VSLive conferences and some work for my job … when all of the sudden my web site won’t start. I rebooted my PC (the fix all solution) but it still would not start. Hmmmm. I figured it had to be something I just installed but it turned out to be something else entirely. Something I installed (or reinstalled) a few weeks ago … Skype.

It turns out that Skype was binding itself to my ports so IIS could not start my default web site on port 80. Now why this just started happening tonight I may never know. But thanks to a post I found on Matthew Cosier’s Blog it pointed me to Skype.

As soon as I went into the options of Skype and went to view the connection settings, I unchecked the checkbox that allows Skype to use port 80 and 443. I then shut Skype down and turned it back on and all was well. My web site started just fine this time. I like Skype, but man that is annoying. Thankfully a quick Google search found Matthew’s post and i only lost about 15 minutes of time. I’m reposting it so future victims will have double the chances to get a hit on Google.