About 3 weeks ago I began using the Invisible Shield (IS) for my Motorola Q Smartphone (see my review here). The one issue I had right away was that the piece that protects the screen had a mark on it that I could not get rid of.

So I contacted Shield Zone about this and they sent me a replacement screen protector. I ran into another hitch at this point ... they sent me the wrong screen protector. Let me clarify this point because its a bit odd in my opinion. The screen protector that comes with in the "screen protector" package is not the same as the one they sell in the "front and back" package. The single screen protector only covers the screen. The "front and back" package's screen protector covers the screen and the top front of the Q, as well. Is it a big deal? Not really. But I was unaware of this difference and could not find a reference to it on their site. So I point it out only to help any future buyers out there in case it does matter to you.

Anyway, the service was great at Shield Zone. They sent me the replacement piece (the wrong one). I contacted them again to let them know and they immediately sent another replacement to me. This whole process took about 2 weeks due to mailing times. I wish it was faster, but hey, it was a free replacement so I can live with waiting a week for a replacement.

They did ask me to return the damaged pieces ... which I think is silly. But again, its a small price to pay for the lifetime replacement policy.

I put the replacement screen on today in about 5 minutes (now that I knew how to do it better). It looks great. Very clear.

I have used the IS on my Q now for 3 weeks overall (I left the damaged screen on it while I waited for the new one). I have been very happy with the results. I keep my phone in my pocket and it gets banged quite a bit. I have no new scratches on the phone since I put the IS on it. I've put it in my soccer bag with my keys, in my pocket with loose change and even let me 1 year old daughter play with it (gnaw at it) and it has held up very well. Not only are there no scratches but the screen is still very clear and it is easy to clean finger prints off of it. Other screen protectors I have used were so blurry after just a few days that it drove me nuts.

Use your judgement when looking at this product as it is a bit more expensive than its competition. But in my opinion the product is excellent, the service is great and the lifetime warranty makes it all worth it if you want to protect your investent in your phone.