I've always wanted to write. I love Tolkien's LOTR, Shakespeare (MacBeth is my favorite ... yeah, I know its dark, but it really grabbed me), Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Beowulf (very cool monsters), and Homer's the Illiad (The Odyssey is just alright). I knew I was never going to be at that level, and with my career choice being what it is, technical books and magazine articles seemed like a good way to both write and stay in my career path. In fact, I am in the throws of planning a few upcoming technical books. So after 7+ years of writing books, articles, training materials, and presentations on everything from VB to SQL Server to ADO.NET, I've decided to try my hands at a non technical book ... a children's book more specifically.

What spurred this on? Well, I recently (last week) became a father of my 3rd little girl and if there is one thing I have learned is that they love books. My girls have more books that the local library! Ok, well not that many. But still, they read so much. And it isn't just my kids, I hear my friends, cousins, sisters, neighbors, colleagues and just about everyone talk about how their kids love to read or browse picture books. So my point is that the interest is there for good children's books. But why would I write one? Like many parents, I find myself telling stories and making up silly songs for my kids. The stories appear to be well received by my kids .. I know they are biased, but hey ... why can't I?

OK, so I decided to write a children's book. I've got the ideas for a few, I just need to find a publisher and an illustrator (I cannot even draw a stick figure correctly). It's not ADO.NET, C# or SQL Server 2005 ... but it may just be the book that stays on someone's bookshelf for years. Wish me luck!