Justin Samuels talks with John and Ward about his career path, education choices along the way, Render Atlana, and how he helped organize and develop Rebuild Black Business.

Javascript and Social Economic Reform

const podcast = { 
  episode: 97,
  title: 'Javascript and Social Economic Reform',
  topics: [ 
    'social economic', 'javascript',
  guest: 'Justin Samuels'
  hosts: [
    'Ward Bell', 'John Papa', 

John Papa @John_Papa

Ward Bell @WardBell

Dan Wahlin @DanWahlin

Craig Shoemaker @craigshoemaker

Justin Samuels @ThugDebugger

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  • 02:59 Guest introduction
  • 13:17 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 14:21 Education and college
  • 16:42 What is Render Atlanta?
  • 22:20 Taking care of you with chicken and waffles
  • 24:45 What technology is the focus?
  • 30:30 Sponsor: Raygun
  • 31:06 Rebuild Black Business
  • 43:28 How did you organize all the contributors?
  • 45:24 Final thoughts

Podcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.