I’ve been writing again after what amounted to a 2+ year break. In the past 3 months I’ve written 10+ articles, many of which are published for Visual Studio Magazine in my new 1 page editorial column Papa’s Perspective. I’m enjoying the column so far as I get to write about a variety of technologies and burning hot topics, all from my view in the cheap seats.


The deal is that I write 1 article for the print magazine of Visual Studio Magazine each month and I write 2 for the online magazine. They all end up online, which is cool since I can link and share them all.

Again, I love that they are 1 page articles … makes it a 5 minute time investment for you and for me, it makes it more important to get right to the point and cut the fluff. In case you have not gotten a chance to read them yet, here are the 9 that are out so far (in order of most recent first).


I hope you enjoy the series!