If you are interested in System.Transactions, I'll be doing a MSDN WebCast next week on Using System.Transactions in .NET 2.0. The WebCast is on May 31st, at 9:00am Pacific Time. (That's 12 noon for us on the East Coast). Here is a brief  summary of the agenda:

<BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr style=”MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px”> <P>The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 includes the System.Transactions namespace, which enhances transactional support for managed code. This webcast discusses how System.Transactions can handle transactions without deriving from a ServicedComponent, using interception or reflection. Designed to integrate with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, System.Transactions supports promotion of local lightweight to fully distributed transactions. We illustrate this using examples that modify default transactional settings as well as the isolation level, timeout period, and transaction context. We also demonstrate several examples of using transactions and when and if they are promoted.</P></BLOCKQUOTE> <P dir=ltr>  Hope to “see” you there!</P> <P dir=ltr> </P> <P dir=ltr>PS … I will likely be doing some other WebCast’s this summer and i will post them once they are scheduled.</P> <P dir=ltr> </P> <P dir=ltr><FONT color=#ff0000>UPDATE:</FONT> I included the sample codin the downlink below this post. Thanks for attending!</P>