I recently took the plunge on purchasing a tablet PC. I wanted something light, very portable, powerful, long battery life and it had to be a tablet PC. I spent months researching and tinkering with samples before I finally decide on the Lenovo Thinkpad X61. I looked at the Fujitsu, HP, Toshiba and even the upcoming Dell tablets but overall the Thinkpad won me over. I'll give my feedback on the tablet after I get it and put it through the ringer, but if you are interested in a Lenovo product, i suggest using one of their coupon codes. They always seem to run some kind of deal and as of 11/21/2007 they have $495 off plus a stackable coupon code of USPSAVE1DAY which i think expires Nov 22nd, 2007. This coupon claims to save you another 20%. The coupons expire all the time and a new one seems to pop up. Can I guarantee it ... of course not ... but my point is that even though it seems to be on the high pricey end, they always have a discount and/or coupon of some sorts to bring it back down to affordable levels.