Aristeidis Bampakos joins us to talk about translating documentation into other languages, how to deal with images, whether Google Translate is any help, and if crowd sourcing the problem works?

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const podcast = { 
  episode: 193,
  title: 'Localizing Docs',
  topics: [ 
    'documentation', 'language', 'support'
  guest: 'Aristeidis Bampakos'
  hosts: [
    'John Papa', 'Ward Bell', 'Craig Shoemaker'

Recording date: 06/23/2022

John Papa @John_Papa

Ward Bell @WardBell

Dan Wahlin @DanWahlin

Craig Shoemaker @craigshoemaker

Aristeidis Bampakos @Abampakos

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  • 00:20 Welcome
  • 02:20 Guest introduction
  • 03:38 Topic introduction
  • 07:01 Sponsor: Nrwl
  • 07:37 Learning Angular in different languages
  • 11:12 How do you deal with images?
  • 12:01 What about using Google Translate?
  • 14:48 Does crowd sourcing work?
  • 19:06 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 20:06 Angular is a global team
  • 23:11 Final thoughts

Podcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.