Now that I am back from MIX11, I’ll be blogging about my experiences and what struck me most. For starters, I wanted to share special “thank you’s”  to everyone who was involved in UX Lightning. This was one of the most fun events I have ever been involved with pulling together!

First, thank you to the hundreds of attendees who packed the rooms with over 420 people for each of the 3 UX Lightning sessions at MIX11. Wow, what an amazing turnout for 12 brilliant presenters!

I also want to thank all 12 presenters for putting on what was one of the highlights of MIX11 for many of the attendees! Here they all are, with their Twitter links … be sure to follow them all! (And don’t forget to follow me too Smile @john_papa)

UX Lightning was VERY well received, with each session “selling out”! Each session was packed by the time it started and folks were not allowed in once full until someone left. This caused a line to appear outside of each session! Scores were excellent but more importantly and the room was packed, but most importantly, the buzz around you’re the sessions were extremely high and positive. I sat in on the sessions and what struck me most of all was that the entire audience was extremely attentive, eyes up on stage, and taking notes. The presenters OWNED that stage.

Prelim scores and comments are out for the  sessions and they are all excellent.

Also … a special thank you to our MIX11 organizers, Jennifer Ritzinger and Mike Swanson, for being extremely supportive of UX Lightning. And to Janet, our speaker manager, for making sure it went off as smoothly as it did Smile

And for your convenience, here are the links to the 3 UX Lightning sessions online. Watch them for the first time if you could not make MIX11, or if you are like me, you may want to watch them again!

- Inspiring UX


- Crafty UX:


- Mind Bending UX: