Today I started the migration of my web site and blog to Telligent's new tool, Graffiti. You can check out the latest news on Graffiti at . It is currently in beta, but has some very interesting features. I am sure to go through some growing pains with it as its full release version is due to come out in January  2008, but so far it has been pretty smooth.

I took a theme that Rich Mercer created and I tweaked it a bit. He wrote the stylized theme of which I changed some of the styles, images and colors just a wee bit. The result of those change are what you see here on this site.

There is not a lot of information around on how to customize Graffiti yet, although I expect a lot will be as times moves on. That is the bad news. But the good news is that it is very simple and QUICK to get up and running. I added a few customizations to the site including some static pages in the navigation bar as well. I found a few posts on Rich's site that point out how to do this.

So now I have to migrate all of my posts from over to my site on Graffiti. Jayme Davis has put together a migration tool to do just that. I plan on giving that a try this weekend.

So please bear with the process. I expect that I will be making a lot of changes over the next month until everything is hooked up and ready to go. I will be cross posting to both and