I’ll be flying to New York City in September to present 2 sessions at VSLive NY at the Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge from Sep 7-10. They’ll be some great sessions there from some great presenters. Registrations are open now.


Even though the conference season is on break over the summer, my summer has been a bit crazy so far with writing my upcoming book on data access, devices and Silverlight 2. I’ve got a few nice breaks with some user groups that i have done and a few more I am looking forward to. Its great to get out and share with the community. In July I will be heading to Miramar Florida and to Albany NY for some great user group meetings. Head over to my events page to see my full lineup, as it unfolds.

A colleague and friend of mine, Brian Peek, who’s fame is skyrocketing lately will be presenting 2 sessions here as well. Brian is the author of the Wiimote library that has been talked about and downloaded by many people and has even been discussed in Newsweek magazine. If you plan on attending VSLive, be sure to check out Brian’s sessions.

I’ll be presenting the following sessions at VSLive in NYC:

Building Effective Data Bound Applications with WPF and Silverlight
John Papa
Monday, September 8, 4:45 p.m.
XAML makes it easy to design robust user interfaces and it provides powerful data-binding capabilities. With WPF and Silverlight, you can perform data manipulation using code, XAML, or a combination of both. You can bind to controls, public properties, XML, or objects, making data binding quick, flexible, and easier than ever. This session will demonstrate how to use these data binding features with WPF and Silverlight applications.

ASP.NET Data Binding
John Papa
Tuesday, September 9, 9:45 a.m.
Generics can enhance the implementation of a data access model. You can bind a list of objects directly to a bindable control or you can use the ADO.NET DataSet. The new data binding and data source objects in ASP.NET are a huge step forward in reducing and simplifying UI code. This session will begin by demonstrating how to use the SqlDataSource to retrieve and modify data from an OLE DB compliant database and bind it directly to an ASP.NET web form, without writing any code. The ObjectDataSource is ideal for multi layer applications as it allows data bound web controls to bind to a data source through a middle tier class library or web service. It can also be used to assist in binding either a DataSet or a list of objects using Generics. I will demonstrate these new data source tools and walk through examples of when and where each is ideal.