Today, Shawn Wildermuth shared what he uses to develop Silverlight applications. Its a good list of mostly essential tools if you are going to work with Silverlight. While you do not need Blend, for example, you are severely handicapping yourself if you develop with Silverlight without it.

Shawn’s post made me realize how many tools we actually use to work with Silverlight. Silverlight 2 has only been out publicly (if you include betas) for about a year and look at all the stuff we can use. On the one hand its great we have so many tools already, on the other hand, that’s a lot to get familiar with if you are just diving into Silverlight.

Here is my list of tools, which is mostly the same as Shawn’s, with my own commentary. I broke it down into “must have’s”, “why wouldn’t you use these?” and “if it floats your boat”.


Must have’s

Why Wouldn’t You Use These?

  • FireBug: (Firefox Web Development plugin).  Debugging is a must. Save yourself the heartache and use it.
  • Web Development Helper: Debugging add-in for IE 7 and 8. Learn it, live it, love it.
  • Fiddler2: Debugging HTTP network requests. Get the picture, you need a tool like this.

If it Floats Your Boat


Top 3rd Party Sivlerlight Control Suites (not free)