The ADO.NET team has released the latest bits for the ADO.NET Entity Framework with the June 2007 CTP. There are samples on CodePlex, too. It claims many changes and support for a lot of new features ... I grabbed this partial list from their post:

  • Changes in: 
    • Object Services
    • Query
    • Entity Client
    • the Entity Data Model Wizard in Visual Studio 
    • no more default constructors in code-generated classes
    • improvements to stored procedure support
  • New Features:
    • IPOCO
    • detaching from long-running ObjectContext instances
    • multiple entity sets per type
    • support for referential integrity constraints
    • span support
    • transactions
    • serialization

Notice the IPOCO support. This is something that is a step in the right direction for getting the entities in the EDM to move towards full POCO. I am downloading the bits now and can't wait to unwrap the candy!