I have been a consultant for most of 14 year career working with dozens of customers large and small on business applications. I really enjoy working with customers and seeing the results of hard work. The interaction with everyone is one of the huge benefits for me personally. I’ve also been involved with the community for most of that time in varying technologies.

Late this summer I heard about the Silverlight Evangelist opening at Microsoft. It sounded perfect for me! At first I entertained the idea with the cautious understanding that my family would never go for the move to Redmond and leave sunny Florida. But I was pleasantly surprised by them when they were excited about the opportunity too. My family really has been very supportive and helped me make the big decision. So I went for it and a few weeks later I accepted an offer to join the Developer Evangelist Platform (DPE) at Microsoft to be the Silverlight Technical Evangelist.

I’ll be joining Tim Sneath’s team on October 19th and working alongside several great icons including Adam Kinney and Jaime Rodriguez. My role covers quite a wide range but in short I’ll be focusing on helping business partners and the developer community make an impact with Silverlight as well as providing feedback both ways to and from the product team. Honestly there is so much more to it, but that’s the 20,000 foot view. I am really stoked about this opportunity to make an impact at a global level!

I’ll still be very active on the community through different mediums including conferences, articles, blogs, and twitter. So please feel free to touch base with me as always. The next few weeks will be crazy hectic since we are moving across the country, selling our home, and settling into a new life on the west coast so I am sure it will fly by!