imageIn the 2 weeks since we announced Open Source Fest at MIX11, we have had over 30 open source project leaders register to present their projects!  You can also hear more about it on Channel 9’s countdown to MIX11.

pokerWhat? Open Source Fest

When? Monday, April 11th, 6pm to 9pm

  • Who? Open to all MIX11 attendees

Why? Because we love community!

Can I Still Register my Open Source project? Follow this link for instructions to register a project

What about Entertainment? Oh yeah! We’ve got Carl Franklin of DonNetRocks fame performing live and some other special “only in Vegas” entertainment scheduled to perform.clip_image001

What’s with the Poker Chips? it’s Vegas baby! Each attendee gets some chips and can cast their vote with their favorite project. You can spread them around or give them all to one project … it’s up to you how you spend them!

Do I have to register to come to open Source Fest? Only if you want to present an open source project. If you just want to enjoy the festivities, just bring yourself and and have fun!

Which projects and leaders will be there?

Here is a list of the open source projects and their representatives who have registered for Open Source Fest. All MIX11 attendees are invited to this evening event to socialize, eat & drink, enjoy some special entertainment, and vote for your favorite open source project(s).

Special thanks … go out to the Silverlight team and the MIX11 team for sponsoring this event

Open Source Project


1. WiimoteLib

Brian Peek

2. Extended WPF Toolkit

Brian Lagunas

3. Shazzam Shader Editor

Walt Ritscher

4. DotNetNuke

Shaun Walker

5. FluentWorkflow

Steve Hebert


Rockford Lhotka

7. Caliburn Micro

Rob Eisenberg

8. Vici Project

Philippe Leybaert

9. Opus Silverlight UI Framework

Jonathan Marbutt

10. Umbraco

Niels Hartvig

11. MVVM Light Toolkit

Laurent Bugnion

12. RestSharp

John Sheehan

13. Machine Learning for .NET

Seth Juarez

14. WP7Contrib

Rich Griffin

15. Farseer Physics Engine

Jeff Weber

16. InfoStrat.MotionFx

Joshua Blake

17. Manos de Mono

Jackson Harper

18. OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET)

Jason Sirota

19. FunnelWeb

Aaron Powell and Jake Ginnivan

20. Classified Cabinet

Emil Stoychev

21. Glimpse

Nik Molnar and Anthony Van Der Hoorn

22. WCF RIA Services Contrib

Colin Blair

23. Mono & Monomac

Geoff Norton, Miguel De Icaza, and Joseph Hill

24. Monomac.Forms

James Clancey

25. FaceSharp – Facebook Starter Kit

Patrick Gidich

26. XpressEngine

Youngsu Ko

27. Sterling Object Oriented Database

Jeremy Likness

28. Facebook C# SDK

Jim Zimmerman and Nathan Totten

29. Windows Azure Toolkit

Jim Zimmerman and Nathan Totten

30. Silverlight Media Framework

Tim Greenfield

31. TickSpec

Philip Trelford

32. Celiz

Philip Trelford

33. Phoney Tools for Windows Phone 7

Shawn Wildermuth

34. amCharts Quick Charts for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7

Alan Mendelevich

35. Orchard Project * Bradley Millington
36. POP Forums * Jeff Putz
37. .JSON Kamran Ayub
38. Web Forms MVP * Damian Edwards
39. VastPark Craig Presti
40. Mouse Extender Alex Sorokoletov
41. VSTO Contrib Jake Ginnivan
42. OpenArms James Chambers
43. Netduino Chris Walker
44. MJPEG Decoder Brian Peek
45. Mef Contrib * Glenn Block
46. PivotViewer Lessons Tony Champion
47. Windows Phone 7 Isolated Storage Explorer Dan Menard
48. Client Dependency < a href="">Aaron Powell
49. DirectCanvas Jeremiah Morrill
50. Composite C1 CMS Marcus Wendt
51. MediaBrowser Sam Saffron
52. StackExchange Data Explorer Sam Saffron

* NOTE: Microsoft lead OSS projects are eligible for display, but not to win prizes.