<anxiously awaiting>

DevExpress has this awesome tool called CodeRush, JetBrains has Resharper and there are a lot of other competitors out there too like JustCode. What I don't get is why the best features from all of these aren't in one package yet. CodeRush has some awesome templetes and the visuals are very good. Resharper has the Find Usages and the pre compilation (which is just #1 in my book). I know thenext versions ar enot out yet, but I have to beleive that these products know they can get a real competititve advantage if they include all of the top used features of each tool in their package.

OK, yeah they are probably already thinking this and I am certainly on board with whoever  hits the market with it. But let's go guys :-) The beta released by JetBrains is OK, but it still lacks some of the features to put it over the top. IMO Microsoft has left this market wide open for these companies to take the lead and blow the rest away. Now its just up to whichever company has the ... um ... gumption to do it :-)

</anxiously awaiting>