I ran into a situation today where I wanted to know why ADO.NET’s DataSet.Merge method worked the way it did. Then it occurred to me that I could use reflection to find out. Using the Reflector software found on Lutz Roeder’s site I examined the DataSet.Merge method and got my answers. I know this software has been out there a while, but I do not often find a reason to use it. But when I do have a need (such as today), it is a very nice tool to have. Saved me a bunch of time and effort.

<IMG style=”WIDTH: 440px; HEIGHT: 218px” height=229 alt=”Reflector UI” src=”/photos/jpapa/images/60799/500x229.aspx” width=455 border=0>
You can jump into nested methods by clicking the links in the right hand pane.
It is a pretty basic but very cool tool. Follows the KISS methodology (Keep It Simple, Stupid!), too.

Special kudos to my friend/colleague Lloyd who reminded me of this tool just the other day.