I've been using Resharper 2 since it was released and its been getting slower for me. What I mean is when I type the characters do not appear as fast as I type. The wierd thing is that it seems to be getting worse. Today it just go unbearable. i cannot be productive with the huge delay in typing that i am getting right now. I tried builds 248 - 252 for VS.NET 2005 and each one gives me the slowness.

For now, I uninstalled the product until I can do some debugging and/o research with JetBrains. Resharper is an awesome tool and I feel like I am cutting of my right arm and trying to code without it, but it just got to be to darn slow. I'll be contacting them soon to see what else I can try.

So my point for rambling on is to see if any of you have already been down this road with Resharper 2 and to what conclusion you came. How have your experiences been?