I've been downloading a new set of EAP bits for ReSharper 4 once a week since they opened access to the nightly builds and it really its coming together. The latest bits are much more stable than earlier versions and the features that are implemented are getting very close to being complete.

ReSharper v3 is in full release but does not support some of .NET 3.5 and VS.NET 2008's best features. Here is a roadmap that I grabbed from the ReSharper web site that outlines the highlights of Resharper v4.

If you have not grabbed the latest EAP bits, I suggest you give them a try. As a rule I only grab ones that are listed as tested successfully by JetBrains. Otherwise I avoid them :) I am now using EAP build 775 and have had not problems.

ReSharper 4.0 is the next major version of the product featuring a number of important enhancements:

  • Support for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008
  • Comprehensive support for C# 3.0 language features, including:
    • New code analysis, context actions and quick-fixes
    • New refactorings (such as Convert to Extension Method, Convert to Automatic Property, Convert Anonymous Type to Named)
    • Updated IntelliSense
    • Many more intelligence and productivity features
      • Full set of refactorings available for VB.NET
      • New quickfixes and context actions for XAML files
      • Referenced assemblies are now taken into account in null-reference analysis thanks to external annotations. ReSharper is packaged with annotations for the .NET Framework assemblies
      • Code Cleanup — a tool for ensuring compliance with code guidelines and enhancing code structure
      • Complete Statement — a feature that will complete language constructs and get you ready to write the next statement