The December 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine is now posted online. My latest Data Points column discusses development with the SmartPhone (titled "RSS Feeds on a Smartphone"). Here is a excerpt from the article quoted from the introduction:

 This month I will demonstrate how to build a Windows Mobile® 5.0 application that reads RSS feeds and loads them into an ADO.NET DataSet. I will start out by showing how to request an RSS feed from a URL asynchronously and then demonstrate how to read the RSS feed and load it into a DataSet. Next, I will show you how to navigate the DataSet's hierarchy to find the appropriate data containing each feed's items. Then I will discuss how to use anonymous delegates to sort the data, how to check for the existence of a field in the RSS data using ADO.NET, and how to use the WebBrowser control to navigate to a URL or display HTML. Finally, I will demonstrate how to deploy the application to a mobile device using a CAB project. The full source code for this sample application is available from the MSDN®Magazine Web site.

You can read the article online here.