2009 was the year I was finally going to make it to London for DevWeek. I have been to conferences in Europe but oddly never to London. It seems each time it came up there was something I already had scheduled. So this year looked promising. I submitted a ton of topics and I was excited to finally go to London. Then I received some great news … my wife and I are having another baby! The baby is due in March of 2009 … so as much as I’d like to go to DevWeek I had to bow out for 2009. I can’t be out of the country a week or so after my baby is born. My wife was actually OK with it, but its too much for one person to handle with 4 kids. The good news is that the schedule was not set yet so there is no harm done.

I hear DevWeek is a great conference and I plan on submitting  for the next event they hold in London. Ironically, this happened one other time too when we had our 3rd child in March a few years ago.Sometimes its just not in the cards :) I’ll get there … eventually!

Here is our first ultrasound of baby #4. We have 3 girls so we’re betting on another girl. As long as s/he is healthy, we’ll be thrilled! Now, we just need to pick a name.


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