Recently Erik Mork interviewed me for his Sparkling Client podcast and we chatted about accessing data services with Silverlight 2. We talked a lot about interacting with Silverlight 2 with REST and SOAP, isolated storage, creating WCF services for Silverlight 2, WCF binding types, ADO.NET Data Services, and more. Basically all topics from my book (which is very close to getting out).

imageThis is the first part of an interview that we chopped up, because we kept on going. We both love the topic, so we had to force ourselves to stop somewhere. There are a lot of people who are passionate about Silverlight 2 and the related technologies including both Erik and I, so this was a lot of fun. We touched on several topics and we saved others for future podcasts.

You can check out the interview (all of about 14 minutes) on the Sparkling Podcast web site.

I’ve never gotten used to how my voice sounds on podcasts and webcasts :). Maybe someday.