New Windows Phone 7 applications are being uploaded to the marketplace all the time. But is your application standing out? This week, John and Corrina Black kick off a new Silverlight TV mini series called "Windows Phone 7 Design Tips with Corrina" to highlight ways you can improve the design of your application. Each week, Corrina will focus on some issues and show both how to work through them and how to improve the application's design. Corrina’s team has done extensive work in helping design for Silverlight for both desktop and Windows Phone, including her work with the well known theme pack.

In this first episode, Corrina discusses the idea of the mini series and gives some insight into five of the design tips she unveils, including:

  • Designing a compelling application tile
  • Startup image design
  • How to avoid banding with gradients
  • Startup / Splash / Loading screen and avoiding navigation backstack issues
  • Tips when using progress bars


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