Single Page Applications (SPA) are built on expanding reach via the browser, reducing round tripping, and enhancing User Experience (UX). This page contains resources for building a SPA. Primarily it focuses on 3 approaches:: * AngularJS SPA framework * DurandalJS SPA framework * Custom SPA framework

General SPA Topics

Angular Training Videos



SPA (Durandal/Knockout & Breeze) Jump-Start Series

Here is a live demo of the

Code Camper Jump-Start Demo. You can also download the source code to Code Camper Jump-Start.

Intermediate Code Camper SPA Series

Here is a live demo of the

Code Camper Demo. Watch a free video "SPA with Durandal, Knockout and Breeze".

Video: Single Page Apps JumpStart

SPA Jump Start is a beginner level training videos at Pluralsight that steps through building a SPA from scratch. Build a Single Page Application (SPA), in JavaScript and HTML, with a rich user experience and runs on almost any device! This course fits in nicely to jumpstart Single Page App development and get you moving quickly and efficiently. This is an end to end course that starts from File | New project and builds a fully functional SPA with multiple pages, insert, update, delete, validation, sharing data, across views, modularity, AMD, view compositions, and much more. begins with an exploration of the new ASP.NET SPA templates including Hot Towel. In fact, the Hot Towel template was inspired and created specifically for this course.

Video: Single Page Apps with HTML5, Web API, Knockout and jQuery

Intermediate level training videos at Pluralsight that demonstrates an end to end solution including the data repository, unit of work pattern, Web API on the server and a full featured SPA on the client.