Ready to learn how to build a Single Page App from scratch? This new course provides a beginner’s jump-start to getting off and running with a SPA quickly. You’ll have all the fundamentals in place and get to join me in walking through building all of the code.


This SPA jump-start course fits in nicely to ease you into Single Page App development and get you moving quickly and efficiently. This is an end to end course that starts from File New project and builds a fully functional SPA with multiple pages, insert, update, delete, validation, sharing data, across views, modularity, AMD, view compositions, and much more. It begins with an exploration of the new ASP.NET SPA templates including Hot Towel. In fact, the Hot Towel template was inspired and created specifically for this course.

The intermediate SPA course covers more topics, how to build more of the components manually, discusses many of the choices you can make, and covers some scenarios in more depth such as HTML5 Boilerplate, Web Optimization, Web API design, building rich data capabilities manually, and Responsive Web Design (and more).

To summarize: SPA JumpStart for beginners –> Teach me the core and “how” SPA Intermediate –> Teach me more depth, more topics, and more “why”

Course Description

Build a Single Page Application (SPA), in JavaScript and HTML, with a rich user experience and runs on almost any device! Start from File | New project and build a fully functional SPA with multiple pages, insert, update, delete, validation, and more. We’ll explore and build with the ASP.NET Hot Towel SPA template as well as powerful JavaScript libraries such as Durandal, Breeze, Knockout, toastr, Twitter Bootstrap, and jQuery.

Live Demo

I published a live demo of the Code Camper Jump-Start SPA online, hosted on Windows Azure. Please check it out give it a whirl.

Source Code

The course is designed so that you can follow along. However, if you want the source code it is included with the Pluralsight Plus subscription. In fact, each module builds off each other and I provided a before and after solution for every module. The final code base is in the “after” solution of module 10.


  • Introduction to SPA
  • SPA Templates
  • SPA from Scratch
  • Foundations and Adding a View
  • Navigation with Durandal
  • Data Management with Breeze
  • Getting Data Efficiently
  • Saving and Checking for Changes
  • Adding and Deleting Data
  • Validating Data

What's Next?

I have a bunch of courses in mind including expanding on Durandal, Breeze, Knockout, and JavaScript in general. I also have a ton of SPA tips that I have gathered and will produce a tips course. I expect to get moving on one of those soon or some other ideas I have once I take a few days off from authoring and unwind :)


I recently posted a list of SPA questions I often receive. Please check this out as it likely contains some of the questions you may formulate at some point. If not, please feel free to ping me either by: