So far the VS.NET 2005 Releaes Candidate has ben a smooth ride. The install went very smooth, the app loaded with no hiccups and many of my beta 2 projects ran just fine. Of course, its still early, but I am happy so far.

<growl>So now I want to jump into the September CTP of SQL Server 2005 via the management tools instad of just hitting the SQLExpress DB. This is where I have just about thrown the darn thing out the window! I have tried to install it 3 times now (uninstalling after each failure). It installs the DB engine, notification services, reporting services and integration services just fine ... but when it gets to the Tools it pukes. I can use the database I just can't use the nice and friendly tools to get to the database easily. I won't bore you with everything I tried but needless to say that it shouldn't be like this. Even the logs that it referred me to were emtpy.</growl>

Anyway, I wills till be using the SQL 2005 Sep CTP's DB engine which I must say I have been very impressed with in my brief encounters with it this past week (and in previous CTP's). Hopefully I'll figure out how to get the Tools installed. I hope you all don't run into this issue.