One of the pleasures of working with Beta products is just when your code is working, you find out a method is renamed, its overloads have changed or sometimes its just plain gone. Its part of the sport of development. Being the geek that I am, I actually enjoy running into this once in a while in Beta. Keeps me on my toes. (OK, I know I’m weird). Anyway, ADO.NET’s SqlParameters.Add(string, object) method is being deprecated in ADO.NET v2.

An interesting blog by <A href="" target=_blank>Jackie Goldstein that points out why this method is being deprecated in ADO.NET v2. At first I was like "WHAT!", but it makes more sense after you read the reasoning behind it. However, you can still achieve the same old functionality by using the new ADO.NET v2 SqlParameters.AddWithValue(string parameterName, object value)

I have to say that Pablo Castro and the ADO.NET Team have been excellent at helping explain why certain ADO.NET changes are coming. I certainly appreciate it.  Kudos to you guys!