Sahil Malik is holding a 1 day training session on ADO.NET 2. Its titled “The ADO.NET 2 Boot Camp”  and you can register here. Sahil is an industry expert who has some great insight on ADO.NET and more generally on data access. I love discussing data access with him as he clearly knows his stuff. For $349, that’s not a bad cost for 1 day with Sahil.


  • July 21, 2006 - Hilton Charlotte Executive Park, Charlotte, North Carolina

Here is a synopsis of the training:

  • A 30,000 feet view of ADO.NET: where it fits in your architecture, why you must learn it well.
  • A 10,000 feet view of ADO.NET: understanding the major players in ADO.NET.
  • Writing your first ADO.NET application - the Hello World Application.
  • Breaking apart ADO.NET: the connected part; understanding Connections and Commands.
  • Breaking apart ADO.NET: the disconnected part; understanding DataSets.
  • Connected or Disconnected? The DataAdapter object.
  • Updating Data back into the database.
  • A primer on concurrency checks.
  • Transactions in ADO.NET: say hello to System.Transactions.
  • A quick overview of SQLCLR.
  • An eye into the future - DLINQ, LINQ and ADO.NET 3.0.