I was writing a sample application tonight for my book (which is getting very close to being done!!!) that reads a RSS/ATOM feed, loads the results into the SyndicationFeed class and binds them to a Silverlight UI. Pretty straightforward really … but still very cool. So I hit the FeedBurner Uri for my site’s RSS feed and it loads. Hey wait a second! I am going across domains so I should get a 404 not found error, right? Hold on a second John … I am hitting FeedBurner, remember? They have a crossdomain.xml file on teir site that allows full access, so its all good.

For a moment I thought I was hitting my site’s RSS feed that I host and not the feedburner Uri. If I was hitting my personal site’s feed, I would have actually gotten the 404 error since I do not have a cross domain file on the site yet.

So for once I expected to hit the cross domain issue but I was pleasantly surprised not to :)








I love the SyndicationFeed class … anyone who has parsed feed data using an XmlReader feels the pain. LINQ to XML is a great alternative too.

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