Looking to nail that coming presentation? Do you want to learn how to tell a story, engage the audience, leave them inspired? Taking a little different direction than my more recent end-to-end Single Page Application development courses, I share with you some of the lessons (some I learned the hard way) and techniques that I’ve developed over the years in my experience as a presenter.


My new course Pluralsight course “The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Presentations” provides a road-map for delivering effective presentations and motivating an audience through forming your message, designing visuals and demos, preparing for the unexpected, and effective delivery strategies. By the end of this course, you will learn many techniques on how to become a more effective presenter. Along the way you’ll find tips from many accomplished speakers including some of your favorite Pluralsight authors.

Main Focus

In the course I emphasize the importance of preparation and give practical examples that you can use in your own presentations. It all starts with your message. That’s message in the singular form, because I truly believe that the most effective presentations have 1 true message. There may be many factors and mini stories in the presentation, but they all should point back to emphasizing that message. Then I flow through how to tell a story around your message, how to prepare visuals and demos, and how to deal with the unexpected. I then move into a few factors that can really help you once you are delivering your presentation.


Here is the flow of the course:

  • Public Speaking
  • Finding and Crafting Your Message
  • Tell Your Story
  • Organizing Your Flow and Your Visuals
  • Demos
  • Preparing for a Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Emotional Intelligence and Communication
  • Effective Delivery
  • Epic Successes and Failures

I hope you enjoy it!