We're all celebrating the recent advancements in .NET and other technologies like LINQ, XML in SQL Server and the fascinating tools like CodeRush and ReSharper. But it struck me this week that we haven;t gone far enough in some areas ... like DHTML. For example, have you tried to write client side code in a browser application lately? I have, and its not as easy as it should be. Intellisense only bring up a portion of the actual methods and properties that the objects support and some objects don;t show up at all. Yeah, yeah, I understand the DOMs are different based on browser brands and version .. ... but what I don't agree with is how the built in tools have not progressed to the point where we get intellisense and reliable client side debugging. I have never been able to consistently get client side debugging to work on my PC. Yes, some days it works, some it doesn't. The point is that all of my server side tools are so far ahead of the curve in these matters, so why should I have to look up the DOM, find the object I want, then search to find some example of using it that makes sense?! I have to think someone has a tool that does this ... there is even an intellisense tool for writing T-SQL.

I'd love to be wrong on this ... so if someone out there knows of a tool that helps with DHTML/JScript intellisense please reply to this post. I am all ears.