I’ve been pretty absent from the blogging scene of late. Life can throw you many twists and turns and many of them are when they are least convenient or least expected. My family has had one of these thrown at us recently and I am thankful for God and my family for being here for me and for each other to help us through.

Like many people around the world, my family has been dealing with an immediate family member battling cancer. I am blessed to have a large and loving family with whom I am very close. We are helping each other through this as well as we can as it is always difficult dealing with our mortality. Cancer has a way of breaking down the person that you know physically and the medications have a way of breaking them down mentally. In some ways you wish they could not be on medication so they could live out what they have left without the inconvenience of 20 pills a day that mess with your mind and body. In a more selfish sense, I sometimes wish that the pills will continue so I can enjoy my family member for as long as possible. These and a lot of other thoughts go through your head when you are faced with such dire situations.

I am thankful for the time I have had and the future time I will have with my family. I thank God for blessing us with all that we have. I cherish the times that remain and will regret nothing. I love my family and God as they all have been very good to me.

Recently I have been trying to explain to one of my young children why our family member is sick. What that means, in terms she can understand. That is a difficult conversation I had hoped she was too young to have. But she surprised me in that she was ready to talk about it. Willing. Wanted to talk about it. Sometimes people get sick and their time on earth will end soon. It makes us sad, but it is also a good thing as God is calling us home to heaven. We should cherish our family and our loved ones. Discussing this sometimes complicated situation with my daughter helped me put it into perspective that while this is still a sad time, that it is important to cherish all that we have before it is gone. Have no regrets in life. Play with your children, kiss your spouse, tell them that you love them. Call your sister whom you haven’t seen nor talked to in years. Visit your elderly relatives.

I am certainly no saint, in fact I imagine that I have sinned more than my share. Sometimes it just helps to get these things down in writing. I am thankful that I am finally beginning to understand these things.

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