If you are going to be in the Albany, NY area on Tuesday, Nov 8th, stop by at 6:30pm at the Tech Valley .NET User Group meeting. I'll be presenting and demonstrating the enhancements to ADO.NET 2 using the latest release candidate bits.

You can find a map and directions here (from Google Maps). The event is being held at <SPAN class=NormalBold id=_ctl3_DesktopThreePanes1_ThreePanes__ctl11_lblLocation>Applied Underwriters <SPAN class=Normal id=_ctl3_DesktopThreePanes1_ThreePanes__ctl11_lblAddress>5 Maxwell Drive, Clifton Park, NY, 12065.


Here is the presentation's abstract:

Data access using ADO.NET is at the core of most .NET enterprise applications. While ADO.NET 1.x is powerful, its successor ADO.NET 2 contains several new features that are can benefit an application. We'll review these new features and how to take advantage of them including binary serialization of DataSets, new indexing performance features, enhancements to the DataTable, using the new ASP.NET data source objects to bind to DataSets or custom classes, and batch updates.

  • Performance
  • DataTable Enhancements
  • DataTableReader
  • Loading Data
  • Changing RowState
  • Batch Updates
  • Invoking Stored Procedures
  • Invoking Parameterized queries
  • DataSources (primarily ObjectDataSource)