Here is a short list of some of the more valauble (IMO) WinKey combinations. OK, there are more shortcut keys than the following, but these are some of the ones I use the most that involve the mysterious "Windows Key". WinKey + D is nice when my desktop just gets too cluttered. WinKey + E is great when I need to browse my file system.

<TABLE border=1> <TR bgColor=silver> Shortcut Description Windows Key + D Brings the desktop to the top of all other windows. Windows Key + M Minimizes all windows. Windows Key + E Open Microsoft Explorer. Windows Key + Tab Cycle through open programs through the taskbar. Windows Key + R Open the run window. Windows Key + L Lock the computer (Windows XP and above only).

Any time I can keep my hands on the keyboard instead of flying back and forth from the keyboard to the mouse, its a win-win.