After some minor delays, Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 is available from MSDN downloads today. It’s just under a gig download, but its only 1 file (I loathe those multi file downloads). Transferring fast for me for a first day release (1100KB/sec) … not sure why with all the competition I expected to hit on the line. Estimated at < 10 minutes total.

Get it while its hot!

UPDATE: Wow, It went up to 1700kb/sec on average for my download.

UPDATE 2: There is a nice list of what is include din the service pack on the MSDN site found here. Here is a quick synopsis:

WPF and visual designer improvements

ADO.NET Entity Framework goes live

ADO.NET Data Services goes live

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 delivers:

  • Improved WPF designers
  • SQL Server 2008 support
  • ADO.NET Entity Designer
  • Visual Basic and Visual C++ components and tools (including an MFC-based Office 2007 style ‘Ribbon’)
  • Visual Studio Team System Team Foundation Server (TFS) addresses customer feedback on version control usability and performance, email integration with work item tracking and full support for hosting on SQL Server 2008
  • Richer JavaScript support, enhanced AJAX and data tools, and Web site deployment improvements

The .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 delivers:

  • Performance increases between 20-45% for WPF-based applications – without having to change any code
  • WCF improvements that give developers more control over the way they access data and services
  • Streamlined installation experience for client applications
  • Improvements in the area of data platform, such as the ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services and support for SQL Server 2008’s new features
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