imageI’ve left the “writing like mad” portion of the book schedule and now entered the “editing like a fiend” portion. Technical book writing is certainly a whirlwind tour of writing, coding, and editing. One of the topics that came up was the title and whether or not the term “Data Services” was confusing since ADO.NET Data Services (formerly known as Astoria) is being referred to by many now as Data Services. Phew, it makes my head hurt. I hate changing titles and frankly the title of a book means very little, but I certainly do not want to mislead readers to think that my book is 100% about Silverlight 2 and ADO.NET Data Services. That is a very important aspect in the book, but there are also other topics like REST, WCF, SOAP, ASMX, LINQ to JSON, data binding, cross domain strategies, syndicated data, and debugging tips. So we decided to change the name of the title to “Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2” to make it clearer that the book focuses on dealing with data and dealing with various types of services. Its a minor change, but I think it helps avoid any confusion.

The book is due out in December (targeting early December but its out of my control). I will open a page on my site for the book to discuss code samples, updates, and other topics related to the book. It will be directly accessible from too.