AiA logo - sm Interested in hearing about the latest on what AngularJS 2.0 holds in store for you? This week's episode of Adventures in Angular has Rob Eisenberg of the Angular team talking about what's coming in Angular 2.0. Rob has tons of experience building frameworks being the noted author of Caliburn Micro and DurandalJS. He talks in depth in this episode about his work on the router, which sounds awesome in Angular 2!

Every Thursday morning you can join me and our All-Star panel of co-hosts Joe Eames, Aaron Frost, Charles Max Wood, Lukas Ruebbelke, Brian Ford, Misko Hevery, and Merrick Christensen for the latest episode of Adventures in Angular. We will rotate through cranking up a topic amongst ourselves and inviting a special guest in the Angular community. Each episode is 30 minutes-ish.