Anyone who knows me well knows that I can’t help but get myself into more activities than I probably have time for. Lately I’ve been working hard to fill a need that I feel exists in the Silverlight community. The goal of this effort it to self enable the community and to connect people with some of the very best code samples and tips out there. I am working with some of the best Silverlight minds out there (both in and outside of Microsoft) to get this site together and add content to it. I am not ready to give details yet, but this effort is heavily weighted towards connecting people as opposed to me sharing my thoughts. Let’s face it, the community has a lot to offer.

For example, did you know that there are over 30 great behaviors already out there and written by some incredible minds available for you to use? How about storyboards, pixel shaders, MVVM frameworks? Yup, there are several choices for these too. Need to solve some problems with loading controls, dealing with daily issues? Lot’s of great stuff here as well.

I will be putting a few twitter polls together to gather insight on what you want so we can shape the site towards those ends. The first of these polls is up now and will last for 2 days. Please chime in with your vote:

What kinds of samples would you most like to see in a community Silverlight code sharing site?