Last week I had the privilege of coding an Angular 2 app in front of the live audience at the 3rd annual ngConf event. I had a lot of fun and, perhaps luckily, I didn't make any major mistakes :) More importantly, I believe this session shines a light on the seven most fundamental aspects that we need to build an Angular 2 app.

  1. Modules
  2. Components
  3. Templates
  4. Data Binding
  5. Structural Directives
  6. Services
  7. Dependency Injection

Watch the video of my session, An Angular 2 Force Awakens, here.


If you enjoyed this, please join me and Dan Wahlin at our full day Angular 2 workshop in Barcelona in July.

We all love tools that help use code more efficiently, so stick around for the end where I rapid fire some tools you will want to check out. Some of these include snippets, a CLI, and the official Angular 2 Style Guide.

The formal session description is shown below:

There's been an awakening in the Web. Angular 2 has arrived and it's time to learn the key features that help you successfully build Angular 2 apps. We'll create an Angular 2 app from scratch, add components to track Star Wars characters, and configure routing between the views. The data may be needed throughout the app, so we'll create a shared service and use dependency injection to access it from the components. We'll also cover accessing data via HTTP, using metadata to describe components, and the new templating and data binding concepts in Angular 2. You may not walk out a Jedi, but the you will feel the power of the force.

You can find the source code here and the slides here.

Seven Angular 2 Fundamentals