What happens when a new version of node is released? What if you need version 0.10.36 for one app and 4.4.2 for another? Did you know version 6 is out now too? Yikes! it would be great if we could manage multiple versions of node on the same computer.

Well, we can with n or nvm!

These are 2 different tools that allow us to host multiple versions of node. We can use it to select which version to activate, and the toggle back to another version in seconds. They are super helpful.

I prefer n, but it only works on a Mac. We can install it by running npm i -g n. Simply run n 4.4.2 and it will install that version. Watch this clip to see it in action.

Learn more about how to toggle between versions or install new versions of node from n's docs

If you run on Windows, nvm is very similar. In fact, nvm runs on Mac and Windows.

Either way you choose, these are vital tools for every node developer.