Last night I presented the first of 3 consecutive Silverlight presentations at Florida user groups. Last night’s was at the Naples .NET User Group. Between the group and the items I brought from INETA and O’Reilly we had a ton of swag at the group. I think everyone walked away with at least 2 giveaway items! The group seemed to really enjoy the presentation too. Lots of questions, great feedback, and of course the after the session get together conversation was fun.

Tonight I head off to Lakeland to present at their Central Florida .NET User Group. I’ll be brining more swag with me tonight and presenting a similar Silverlight presentation. On Thursday, I will head over to the Orlando .NET User Group (aka ONETUG) as well. The interest in Silverlight has been growing as I have seen a big increase in the request from user groups for the topic, conference attendees are chatting it up, blogs are buzzing, and customers are starting to ask how they can use it in their business more and more. Its a good sign that Silverlight is gaining a foothold in the .NET community.

If you are in or near Lakeland tonight or Orlando tomorrow night, please stop by and catch the session and get some free stuff :) A special thanks to INETA for sponsoring this 3 city mini tour!