We recently added a new demo and updated 2 of our more popular Silverlight demos to use Silverlight 4 RTW (from the beta and RC bits). The Silverlight.net samples web site has all of the samples, but here are direct links to each of the demos with a brief description of them and the features they showcase. These demos are great and parts of them are from contributions from several people at Microsoft including Karen Corby, Adam Kinney, Mark Rideout, Jesse Bishop and from me.

I hope you like these and please leave feedback if you want to see more demos like these, or tutorials and Silverlight TV episodes showing “how to”.


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This application allows you to drag photos from your file system onto the Silverlight application and arrange them in a collage. Once in the collage you can rotate the photos using a context menu and print the collage. 

Features highlighted:

  • Right mouse click
  • Silverlight as a drop target
  • Printing
  • Creating a custom context menu control
  • Visual states
  • Behaviors

  HTML and Video Puzzle

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Silverlight enables rendering of HTML content when the application is running in Out-of-browser mode. This application shows different websites and HTML content being rendered in a Silverlight puzzle to show that the HTML is rendered within Silverlight controls. This demo shows the features of enabling viewing other media content, such as embedded YouTube videos, within Silverlight. Multi-touch capabilities also are enabled in this demo.

Features demonstrated:

  • Out-of-browser support
  • Hosting HTML content interactively
  • Hosting HTML content using visual brushes
  • Embedding alternative media content (i.e., YouTube)
  • Animations
  • Multi-touch (multi-touch hardware required)

 Rich Notepad


Using this notepad application demonstrates the rich text features supported in Silverlight, including bi-directional support, embedding in-line controls, datagrid, etc. Silverlight as a drop target for files, printing, mouse wheel and right-click features are also demonstrated.
Features demonstrated:

  • Drop target
  • Rich text
  • Bi-directional text
  • Arabic/Hebrew
  • In-line control embedding
  • Right-to-left support
  • Printing
  • Clipboard API (cut/paste)
  • Line Highlighting